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Belonging, respect, sharing spaces, contribution, and choice. If you know who your people are, if you have a valued social role, if you use the same community spaces as everybody else (and for the same reasons), if you contribute meaningfully to your community, and if you have autonomy to discover and define your own path forward, then you’ve got what you need for a happy, meaningful life.

What Belonging and Sharing Ordinary Spaces Means

Both concepts involve people coming together and establishing connections within a shared framework. Belonging contributes to the sense of community and shared identity within a space, while sharing spaces facilitates the interaction and cooperation necessary for people to coexist and engage with one another.

Feeling Respected and Contributing

Feeling respected and contributing are interconnected concepts. When people feel respected, they are more likely to feel empowered and motivated to contribute to their fullest potential. Equally, when people are given opportunities to contribute and their contributions are recognized and appreciated, it reinforces their sense of respect and value within the community or group. Together, feeling respected and contributing create an environment of inclusivity and collaboration.

Choosing to Live a
Self-Determined Life

When living a self-determined life, people have the freedom to pursue their own passions, make choices that reflect their values, and engage in activities that bring them fulfillment and satisfaction. They actively navigate and overcome obstacles, seek personal growth and development, and have a sense of control over their own path.

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