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an Advisor is a dedicated advocate, guide, and mentor, working tirelessly to empower individuals with IDD and their families and allies to support people to lead fulfilling and self-directed lives. Their role is not just about providing support but also about fostering independence, inclusion, and personal growth. They stand alongside individuals with IDD, helping them navigate life's challenges and celebrate their achievements.

Advisors support people with Personalized Guidance, Advocacy, Resource Navigation, Skill Development, Goal Setting, Community Integration, Emotional and Social Support.


What's an Advisor

An Advisor engages people and their chosen allies in the process of Customized Life Mapping. This includes exploration and skill building for employment, creating social and community connections, cultivating friendships and partnerships, financial planning, development and enhancement of individual networks, and navigation of the housing system and available options.

Our Advisor Process

BLRI is dedicated to selecting Advisors who are aligned with supporting individuals' goals and empowering them to reach their fullest potential.

Advisors facilitate clear understanding between individuals and their chosen allies. Establish and maintain consistent, transparent channels of communication.

Advisor Commitment

Remain informed on innovative practices in all support areas and utilize planning tools that will support the goals of the person.

Listening deeply and ask thoughtful, purposeful questions in order to understand and support the aspects of a person’s life that are most important to them

Advisor Match

The matching process involves conducting assessments, interviews, or surveys to gather information about the person and potential advisors. This information is used to tailor compatibility based on shared interests, personality traits, and alignment of the person's goals to promote a supportive and empowering relationship.

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