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Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Image by Pawel Czerwinski

About Us

Our Commitment:

Best Life RI will support people individually with exploration of their community of choice, to become productive citizens, secure meaningful employment and deliver on what people imagine their lives to be.


Our mission is to provide innovative, customized life supports to people on the journey towards their best life.


Best Life RI’s vision is to listen deeply to people to fully understand their desires, dreams and visions for their future.

Best Life RI will promote support from all people in a person’s life (Family members, chosen allies, community members and staff)


A best life can be achieved in surprising and unplanned ways; we will strive to support people to balance all aspects of their lives.

People will be supported to live, work and play with whom they choose, where they choose and how they choose.

Podcast hosted by Nathan Markley

For more podcasts by Nathan Markley:

“Best Life” truly means just that! What would make a great life for an individual with unique challenges! Our son and we as a family have worked with Susan Raposo, the founder of Best Life, for almost 7 years. She is someone who always looks over the fence and sees the flowers in your garden and not the weeds! She has a unique ability to see people’s gifts, see what makes them energized, and then using these insights to connect an individual with meaningful recreational or work opportunities in their communities or ways that they may create social connections. We are so excited to be a part of “Best Life”!--

Carol Dorros, MD

Our Team

At Best Life RI, we take pride in our exceptional team of dedicated professionals. Each member of our team brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and commitment to our mission. We are united by a common goal: to empower and support individuals in their journey toward greater independence, fulfillment, and success.

Our team is comprised of experts in various fields, including support coordination, community and networking and vocational training, and we work collaboratively to provide comprehensive and person-driven services. We understand the unique needs of the individuals we serve and tailor our approach to meet those needs with compassion and respect.

What sets us apart is not just our expertise but also our genuine care for the well-being of those we assist. We approach every individual and their goals with unwavering dedication, treating each person with the utmost respect and empathy.

With a shared commitment to inclusion, empowerment, and advocacy, our team is here to guide you or your loved ones on a path to greater independence and a brighter future. We look forward to getting to know you, understanding your aspirations, and working together to achieve your goals. Your success is our success, and we're honored to be a part of your journey.

Susan Raposo

Sherri Sarault


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