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To provide innovative, customized life supports to people on the journey towards their best life. 


Join Us

We are very excited to share our new initiative of a RI Family Leadership Network led by Starfire Council of Ohio in collaboration with Best Life RI and the RI Developmental Disabilities Council.  

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Our engaging Free monthly learning series invites you to dive deep into the stories, lessons, and practical wisdom shared by families of children with disabilities. Mark your calendars and join us for an enriching experience where families take center stage in building stronger, more connected communities. Don't miss out—register now to secure your spot!

Series 5: June 17th- 6pm

Planning Healing Experiences
of Community

Our Services

From the very start of their engagement with BLRI and throughout their entire journey, individuals receiving support will have their needs, preferences, and aspirations given the utmost priority. Each supported person will be empowered to select an Advisor and determine the specific services they wish to access. This approach has the potential to significantly transform the service experience, ultimately leading to positive impacts on life outcomes.

We will provide a range of Advisory Services, including but not limited to: aiding in staff recruitment, facilitating independent support coordination, support brokerage, promoting community integration, exploring employment opportunities, fostering network development, exploring housing options, and enhancing self-determination, advocacy, and life skills.

Our Foundation

A core piece of BLRI’s foundational viewpoint is the Five Valued Experiences model, created  by John O’Brien and Connie Lyle-O’Brien, which emphasizes the importance of belonging,  being respected, sharing ordinary places, contributing, and choosing as necessary, components of  a self-determined and fulfilling life. BLRI will support Rhode Islanders with individualized life services, including support for housing options, employment, daily life skills, financial planning, community integration, relationship building, and family support for future planning. Supported people meet with a Best Life RI representative and provide information about their interests and goals; they then interview BLRI Advisors that have expertise in their priority areas. Supported people will be able to include allies of their choosing in this interview process, and either individually or with support from their chosen team will then determine who will be the best fit in helping them to achieve their goals.

Ray of Light


The inception of Best Life RI began a few years back when I encountered families and people with distinctly unique visions for their futures. This prompted a critical question: "How can we reimagine this?" To seek answers, I embarked on a series of enlightening journeys, spanning Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, and Connecticut. During these travels, I engaged with numerous dedicated leaders and self-advocates who had committed years to forging alternative pathways for people to lead lives of their own choosing.

Following extensive research and learning, it was time to transition from knowledge seeking to actionable steps. Along this journey, I discovered a kindred spirit who shared my vision, and we joined forces with Best Life RI in a meaningful partnership. While we possessed a clear vision for our mission, vision, values, and services, the challenge lay in articulating it effectively so that others could grasp our vision. Over the past year, we have collaboratively refined and given form to our vision, thereby allowing us to offer services tailored to how people envision their ideal lives.

Susan & Sherri
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"Thanks to Best Life RI, our son has finally been able to access the services and resources he needs to live a more independent life. Susan has taken the time to understand his unique needs and preferences, and worked with us to develop a personalized plan that meets his goals. We are immensely grateful for the support and guidance provided by Best Life RI, and finally feel more confident about his future."

Jim & Gloria Linakis

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